Friday, 13 December 2013

Spiced up with BLOOP

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    Bloop     a brand that has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry which help woman combat the highly demanding and competitive world.

They have variety of products from head to toes (Eyeshadow palette, lipstick/lipgloss, bb-cream, makeup brushes, blusher, perfume, and the next few one will be nail polishes, nail/toe strips which I am going to review for my next few post right here right now starting herewith Bloop nail polish in shade H182 (citrus colour).

The one I have here is one of their Glam It Up series (13.5ml)
A very nice citrus colour with shimmering effect.

Under the sunlight you can see really nice and glossy effect.
Bloop nail polishes are famous with their three great qualities.


 Having a polish with an easy-to-use brush is just as important as applying a right foundation
 before you put yourself up with proper makeup. A thick and well rounded brush from Bloop
 makes polish easier to apply and give you a cleaner look with beautiful shades.


The painting process was smooth and easy and it dried up really quickly too. You need not have to worry about the thick and gooey texture like some other nail polish has.


Same like any other nail polish. But I hope someday some genius will come out with nail polishes which smell as great as perfume though.


Neither gooey nor tacky. Very smooth application and texture.


It last really well on my nails.


5.0/5.0 for the application process.
4.5/5.0 for the colour because I prefer some other colours from Bloop collection! They are really nice and pretty like the below one. I will link that down below the picture if you wish to buy one of their series too.
Bloop Nail Polish 3 pcs x 13.5ml (PINK ME UP)                  Bloop Nail Polish 3 pcs x 13.5ml (CRUSH THE CANDY)                    Bloop Nail Polish 3 pcs x 13.5ml (PARTY IS ON)

You can get them with only RM28 for 3pc, so one would be around RM9.30+.

I actually done a small experiment on a few nail polish brands and here are the outcome:

Can you judge which one from which brand? Below here I reveal the answer.

Not going to judge but those brands go like this:
1.) Bloop
2.) Some Korean Brand I bought from Sasa outlet
3.) Revlon
4.) Splassh
5.) Insta-Dri

I hope you having fun reading this post, meanwhile, for all my lovely readers, courtesy to HiShop  

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  1. I love the Bloop nail polish but they tend to take a long time to dry up :( doesn’t suit impatient people like me.

    nice review! followed your blog :)

    1. Thanks babe! you are such a sweetheart, already followed yours earlier! For me i think it dries up fairly well, haha, different people different opinion, but still thanks for dropping by!

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