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The content of my blog below is about a Korean Skincare brand:- Deoproce and the products I am going to review on, which is:

Deoproce Special Water Plus Set

-Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin
  -Deoproce Special Water Plus Lotion
Deoproce Special Water Plus Cream

Deoproce Background Introductory:
  • Deoproce is a nature friendly cosmetic brand originated from Korea. 
  • The goal of Deoproce is to develop and supply the finest yet naturalistic cosmetics to pursue every woman's dream towards youthful skin.
  • Green Tea, Arbutin and Aloe Vera are some of the excellent moisturizing ingredients found in Deoproce products for skin lightening and wrinkles alleviation.
  • Deoproce products has been recognized in most of the countries due to its quality assurance from their local Korean Food & Drugs Admin and also the international recognition from CGMP & ISO.




(STEP 1) 
Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin 120ml (Toner)-RM99.90

It basically helps to eliminate skin dryness by supplying moisture instantaneously. It gives your skin an instant calming after a long tired day exposed to the external environments.

How to Use:
Apply a sufficient amount of toner & pat lightly for best absorption.

Water, butylene, glycol, alcohol, glycerin, arbutin, sodium hyaluronate, adenosine

Main Function:
Formulated to provide clean, refreshing toning without the harsh drying effects. Special mild purifiers 
gently remove impurities and recondition skin. 

Personal Verdict:
Instantly amazed even with the first drop it leaves on my skin. The texture is not too watery-based kind of toner but it is non-greasy as well. My skin feel soft & silky. A pleasantly scented toner I would say. Fresh, cool & calm.

(STEP 2)
Deoproce Special Water Plus Lotion 120ml (Day Moisturizer)-RM129.90

A large amount of water bursting out at the moment of application cherishes the entire skin with long-lasting silky by creating a thin anti-drying layer.

How to Use:
Apply the lotion to all over the face evenly and thinly after your toner. Then, pat the skin lightly for the lotion to be absorbed properly.

Water, hydrolyzed collagen, beta-glucan, gleditsia triacanthos seed extract

Main Fuction:
Gel formula turns quickly bursts into large amounts of water droplets at the moment of application 
leaving behind a long-lasting silky feeling by creating an anti-drying layer.

Personal Verdict:
Facial skin lotion that walk the talk . Lathering your skin with quite an amount of water droplets during application. Highly recommended for acne prone skin because it is not too heavy but is still able to provide moisture.

(STEP 3)
Deoproce Special Water Plus Cream 50ml-RM139.90

Moisture locking cream that specialized for dried and sensitive skin. It creates water film on the top layer of your skin that will help the skin to counteract the drying effects.

How to Use:
Release appropriate amount of cream and spread them evenly on your face and neck as the last step of your skincare routine.

Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclohexasiloxane

Main Function:
It prevents moisture from drying out from skin especially under dehydrating environment. Its light cream texture prevents face from feeling heavy and oily after application.

Personal Verdict:
Firmed and soothed your skin with Special water plus cream. A small amount that covers wide skin area. A final step, resulting in healthy and supple finish before you proceed  further with your make up.



Light & Easily Spread

Click on Image to View
The formation of Water Dropltes


Present you the final outcome:

Picture above is the result after applying all three products mentioned above.
Looking at my skin condition (before and after), special water plus set does improve my skin condition leaving my skin appears to be more healthy and luminous. Fine lines due to dryness can visibly lighten as well.
In conclusion, Deoproce Special Water Plus is a specialized multi-functional range that keeps dry and tired skin moisturized and hydrated. I really think the products gives you plenty of bang for the bucks and thus it definitely worth the price tag plus the awesome part is that it comes with really large size and it probably can last you up to three to four months, of course it might differ from one another and solely depend how frequent you use them.

What are you waiting for, let's quell your skin’s thirst and let your youthful skin back in time.
Recommended for ALL SKIN TYPE especially dehydrated & tired skin.
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