Sunday, 26 July 2015

Review: Johnson & Johnson: Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion & 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Lotion


  •  Air conditioning is a very prominent feature at home and workspace and I do believe that each and everyone of us can barely work under an environement without air cinditioner, am i right? But working indoor with long hours under air conditioning can be tough on the skin.
  • So, to prevent the AC from sucking the life out of my skin. I know i have got to do something to prevent the youth of my skin from running away from me.
  • To combat the dry skin issue, i always apply lotion before i depart for work. And besides i have also prepare a bottle of lotion with me to apply on my skin whenever i want to.


Personal criterias for a good lotion:

  • Truly forbidden sticky outcome. Like seriously,  i don't appreciate anything that is sticky/tacky. I prefer something refreshing instead.
  • Easy to spread on the skin. Yes, I prefer lotion that can be easily applied and spread around the skin.
But it is always sad to accept the truth, in order to really retain the moisture of your skin, most of the time you just have to accept the fact that a thicker texture of lotion is more effective to maintain the moisture of your skin. So,  thicker texture indirectly also means that you have to bear the stickiness to be stucked on your skin, and thicker texture also means that it is harder to be spreaded and applied.

So what I always do? I combined two products instead. "Thumbs up", problem solved. For me, I especially love this Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion from Johnson's body care(400ml@RM18++), omigodd, it has such a refreshing fragrant and it has cooling effect; it is easy to spread but the hydration level is a bit poor for me and it don't really last that long. =( so sad to say, but other than that i really love it to bits.

YESLAR, this is the one, oxygen fresh gel lotion with ocean minerals,coralline extracts (shown in the lab test to help skin cells absorb oxygen), & aqua moisture essences for an oxygenationg fresh feeling.

Talk about the texture:

 Non sticky at all i can promise you this.

and then, the second product I told you I mix it with, will be the
 24 hour lasting moisture body lotion(400ml@RM18++) which is also from Johnson's body care.

 A moisture-rich lotion to help stop the 3 sing of dryness:
  •  Shea butter to help reduce skin tightness 
  •  Vitamin E to help lessen skin flakiness and 
  •  Jojoba oil to help revive dull-looking skin

                                   Talk about the texture:

It is slightly more creamy & stickier  than the oxygen fresh gel lotion, but to tell the truth, it has better moisturizing effect as compared to oxygen fresh gel lotion, but due to i really love the cooling effect oxygen fresh gel lotion can provide me, so I just mix both of them up lar, so I can spread them easily, I can retain the moisture level of my skin, I don't feel the stickiness and i smell wonderfully(cheh,greedy greedy abigaily)  BUT

No joke.

Left+White=24 hours lasting moisture lotion   ;   Right+Transparent =Oxygen fresh gel lotion

Spread them both evenly on my hand, absolutely amazing result.

 It also comes with a smaller version for easier hand carry, 100ml@≈RM7.95 or you can get the 200ml@≈RM11.55. Just pop them in your hand bag and you are good to go, so light so convenient.

These lotions is available for sale at major drugstore / hypermarket.

Thank for reading and good night.


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Review: Coreana Orthia Bemish Balm Cream


   Net content           :  40ml
   Specification type :  Normal size
   Brand                    : Coreana Orthia
   Product                 : BB cream
   Effect                    : Moisturizing sunscreen
   Place of Origin     : Korea
   Shelf life               : 3 years
   Suitable for skin   : Any skin texture


Coreana Orthia BB Cream is an anti-wrinkle whitening solutions BB cream with SPF23/PA++. It is a multipurpose BB cream that not only able to protect your skin from sunlight but it can also be served as a concealer to your skin, control the amount of oil generated from your skin and minimises the appearance of pores size.

Texture & Function:

This BB cream will never create that cakey coverage towards your skin nor will it be too fair nor too dull for your skin tone. The outcome appears absolutely naked, smooth & natural as if you have never apply any foundation. It has floury;silty texture but at the same time compact which is the reason why it can covered up your pores size well.


Personal Verdict:
 I love the fact that this cream creates a very beautiful and natural coverage towards my skin, but at the same time it can act as a couple of things such as concealer and sunscreen through out the day since it also contains SPF.
The powdery finish allow your skin appears more brighter and alive.It lasts really nicely. But, it is kinda expensive, as in USD56.55≈RM210.00 for a 40g BB cream.
It is unscented.



Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Coreana Orthia Super Aqua Hydration Cream 60g


Quick Details

Use                  : Face
Form:               : Cream, Lotion Supply
Feature            : Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer,                                             Nourishing, Whitening
Main Ingredient: Mistletoe, Soybean, Bambusa                                                Arundinacea Stem, Aloe Vera, argan oil,                               redbud extract
Place of Origin  :South Korea



-Coreana Orthia Super Aqua Hydration Cream(60g) 
is a fully moisturizing cream for dry skin throughout the day. It helped to solve skin pigmentation and wrinkles problems. (Bear in mind that wrinkles are formed when you have dry skin and dehydrated skin.)

-Rough skin can ruined your daily make up. Just imagine when you apply your foundation but with all your dry skin sticking out, it is really an unbearable & unpleasant scene to look at.
Thus, it is best to get rid of dry skin by deeply moisturized your skin and ensure a supple and hydrated skin before you apply any make up on your face to have a finished ,polished look.


Ingredients Contents:
A leathery-leaved parasitic plant that grows on apple, oak, and
 other broadleaf trees and bears white glutinous berries during winter
 with the main function to improve anti-aging

Soybean on the other hand works wonderfully on whitening effect 
& elasticity improvement. 

Bambusa Arundinacea Stem

Bambusa Arundinacea is one of the ingredient in this product  
which has powerful moisture maintain ability & excellent moisture locking ability.


This product has a silky & non-tacky texture which is the main thing i always look upon to when come to choosing a moisturizing product. A light & non tacky texture  helped your skin to easily absorbed all the nutrients content into the deep of your skin cell not only to repair your skin pigmentation, but to also improve your skin tone and provide a better complexion.

 As you can see from the picture above, i am trying to show you how light the texture of the cream is. It doesn't form a long sticky line which able to prove its non-tacky texture.


Personal Verdict:

1.) Light weighted cream texture which will not cause your face looking oily and sticky.
2.) It is best used when you need to apply thick make up but you need a moisturizing cream that will not add on the burden to your skin but in the mean time, able to provide you with a silky finished look.
3.) It is light scented.
4.) TOO BAD, It is not easy to look for this product around Malaysia. (I bought it in Korea)
5.) Overall I am quite satisfied with this product because at the end of the day, although i have combination+sensitive+acne prone skin, it doesn't cause any breakout to my skin which i really think i should give this product a thumbs up.


Apologize for not being able to provide a link where you can get/purchase this product from but if you happen to visit Korea, you can try look for this product and it is highly recommended by their local citizen (Korean tour guide) as well as their professional skin consultant.


Sharing an accounting student greetings to all the Muslim: Hope you all like it =)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin from journal to statement of cash flow for any accounting errors. Diharap segala yang lepas tu biarkan kekal sebagai historical cost. Jika ada kesilapan terdebit dosa, harap dapat dicreditkan. Moga2 sempena hari raya ini dapat debitkan kasih sayang.Diharap dalam Statement of Financial Position amalan kita, tiada lagi dosa dalam Liabilities kita. Semoga useful life ukhwah antara kita stays indefinite. So our trial balance will be balanced forever.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nail Enamel from Daiso

Hi ladies, hi guys, how y'all doing? Today, out of nowhere, i have this urge and "kick" to share two products i just bought from Daiso, yes, just bought  them this morning so the opinion for these two babies is still fresh from oven.

Wondering what have i bought? Oh yesss ladies stuff la huh, two bottle of nail enamel. As you all know Malaysian government has just implemented GST like 3 months back, so the price for every item in Daiso has literally gone up to RM5.30 (Originally RM5).

So, eerrmmm..Tadahhhhhh, present you the Winmax pastel color Nail Enamel...

 RM10.60 for two nail polish is like not bad right, if not mistaken,some other brand out there will cost us RM10++ for one bottle of nail polish, yes the quality might be good but hey, the one i just bought is also kinda not bad k? Really...

Judge yourself =), the outcome for first application...& then the second application....



Wowww woww, does the colour turned out exactly like the one on packaging? Super duper happy cannnnn with the result.

 The left one, is shade no.3(Lavender-227), & the right one will be shade no,4 (Pink Macaron-228) YUmm~yogurt drink to my nails, agree? ^_^

*erm, not sure if you can find some "亮点/highlights"* Tell me if you have found it, and be very proud... =D If you are curious you can just ask me.

 The back of the packaging.

 & herewith the final result after two applications under the natural girlish & pretty right these pastel colour *in love in love in love*
FYI, they have some other colour as well, eg, Hot chilli Red..Grey.. Light Yellow, altogether like around 10 shade of colours...

The moment I saw this nail polish i just have the instinct that it is gonna be some good nail polish & not those dry & sticky one even though it is cheap, and "not to my surpirse" definitely turned out real fine.

I have also bought this thing call Enamel Diluent, you know sometimes you leave your nail polish for too long & never really have the chance to use them, so they turned out dry & sticky already, so what you can do is to mix your nail polish with this solvent to dilute the nail polish & allow it to revert back to the liquid form.

I have never tested how this product works...but i believe it will do the job well *i foresee* , since the result for the nail enamel is really impressive for me!

That's all for the nail polish part, & now, just wanted to share with you all, I saw this toy in Daiso, I don't know if this product is already in Daiso for quite some time or what, but I have never realized it, and so I was like  whattttt......what is this.....electric eraser?? =.= & it says that the stick will spin & you just have to hold it. What...don't so lazy up to this point can? & i really think you can do it faster with the traditional way rather than this electric stick......i guess? Present you...

Till then, Thanks for reading.
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