Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Only Beauty- Freebies to Your Doorstep

How I found out Only Beauty such a wonderful website?

I am a girl who has facial skin problem, how I wish I could just buy all the beauty products and test them out and at the same time to find the best solution/facial product which is suitable for my face. But somehow, I think it’s not that proper to spend it that way, because I am still a student and I don’t really have a proper/fixed income which allow me to spend it that way and I also don’t like to spend my parents's money just like that. And Yes, I am kind of good daughter huh? Teeheee! Self-praise is no praise but a public’s disgrace, haha who cares?

So, one fine day I was thinking what should I do rather than sitting down and waiting for a solution towards my problem, and so an idea somehow popped out from my mind and so I took the initiative to look out for free samples on facial products to try on, and so, I google to search for websites that provide free samples and freebies. AND!!  TADAHHH! To my surprise ONLY BEAUTY is what I discovered.

So I read through what Only Beauty is all about and words can't describe how glad i am because they provide their members with free samples on facial products!!! OH MY GOD WHAT I WAITING FOR? Immediately I registered as one of their members. =D

So, that’s basically how I become the member of Only Beauty and for your further information, this is FAQ provided by Only Beauty:

Why is OnlyBeauty giving away free samples?
OnlyBeauty work closely with beauty product manufacturers and brands to help distributing free samples to our members. However, members that have successfully applied for free samples and tested will have to come back to rate the product and review.

How can I apply for free samples?
Firstly, you have to register as our OnlyBeauty member. You will have to apply for each samples allocated daily and our system will pick the luckiest members to receive the samples.

How frequent does OnlyBeauty giving free samples?
We open for product sample application online on our website every Monday to Friday. However, do stay alert for our announcements for some outdoor roadshows where more beauty product samples will be given away.

How does OnlyBeauty select its successful sample applicants?
OnlyBeauty has a built-in intelligent system that smartly select the members that topped our preset criteria. Criteria may contain how active is the member in our website, when was the last time received a free sample and many more.

How long will I receive the sample if I have successfully applied for it?
Due to the high cost of posting, we have opted for POS Malaysia standard postage service that might take 3 to 10 working days to reach your doorstep. However, OnlyBeauty promised to post every successful samples.

What should I do if I have successfully applied for the samples but have not receive for weeks?
Sometimes we have hit some delays while preparing the samples which take more time to deliver. If you are facing this problem, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at and our officer will assist to solve your case.

Can I purchase beauty products from OnlyBeauty?
OnlyBeauty is launching its E-Store in the near future and members will have the opportunity to purchase great deals with us online using credit cards or bank transfers. Stay tuned!

How many accounts can I register with OnlyBeauty?

Every member is strictly to only one account. Duplicated accounts will be blacklisted if detected by our system. Our management is working hard to prevent duplicated account and will take action against those who messed up the database.

So yes!! I actually apply every single day and at first i doubted a bit on this website and actually felt quite disappointed because i never become their successful applicants even i applied for some time BUT NOW i can proudly announce that i successfully applied one of their free samples last week:

very touched and excited cause this is my first attempt okay! =) but the sample haven't reach yet, after i receive and try on it, i will make my heart to heart review on this product, pinky promise! Have a goodnight everyone!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hi everyone, today my blog is all about Garnier Product, i will review on three products which is:

  • Garnier Oil Clear (Mineral zinc), (Pore Tightening And Anti-Shine) (RM11.90)
  • Garnier Light Oil Control (RM9.90)
  • Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer (RM19.90)

 So basically, I have a combination skin. Normally right after my shower, my face will be dry but after a few hours, i will have oily skin again. 

so i will normally apply Garnier Oil Clear (Mineral zinc)  followed by moisturizer from Thalgo, and then i will apply Garnier Light Oil Control and Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer.;postID=724934506216874444
Garnier Oil Clear (Mineral zinc)
Garnier Oil Clear (Mineral zinc)

Garnier Light Oil Control

Garnier Light Oil Control

Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB

Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB

1.Garnier Oil Clear (Mineral zinc)

According to Garnier:

It is enriched with sebum regulating zinc mineral,Garnier Oil Clear Pore Tightening Astringent acts to tighten the pores,dry out imperfections and unify your skin.

My Review: 
It's worth trying because this product indeed brighthen up your face and allow your skin looks healthier, fairer  and cleaner. It's is stated there that this product is "not recommended to those who have dry or sensitive skin and do not use it on blistered skin."  From my personal experience, avoid rubbing it harshly using cotton onto your face when you're having pimples because it will makes u  feel sore a bit on those sensitive spot. So just wipe it softly and it will works fine.

2.Garnier Light Oil Control

According to Garnier:
  • Lightens skin tone.
  • Fades out acne marks.
  • Reduces excess oils.
  • 8 hours shine free look.
My Review:

  • Lightens skin tone. ( It did make your face look fairer and lighthens the skin tone)
  • Fades out acne marks.( Not really, it just temporarily cover up your scar and acne marks)
  • Reduces excess oils. (It does give you a shine free look, for a couple of hours. I am impressed with the oil control formula because it does make my face stays matte up to 5 to 6 hours but it will slowly back to oily skin. Your skin texture will feel like how your hands feel right after you finished polishing your car, i shall describe it that way because that's how i feel.)
  • 8 hours shine free look. (Doesn't stay shine free for 8 hours as stated.)

3.Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer

According to Garnier:
  • More radiant
  • More even-toned
  • Less dark spots
  • Less visible imperfections
  • Reduce redness
  • Smoother
  • More hydrated
  • Less visible Lines
  • Less visible pores
  • Reveal a healthy glow
My Review:
  • More radiant ( Yes, it does brighthen up your face and gives your face glow and shine in minutes.)
  • More even-toned (Yes, it makes your skin tone looks even and the texture not thick nor runny so it feels just right and you don't feel sticky after applying it.)
  • Less dark spots ( Definitely, it does cover up most of the dark spots, scars and marks of pimples.)
  • Less visible imperfections ( For this, yes BUT as stated it is less visible but somehow you can't really cover up those marks fully but it does give you a natural look after u applied it.)
  • Reduce redness ( Cover up redness , but reduce redness is a NO.)
  • Smoother ( It allows your skin texture smoother and cover up pores)
  • More hydrated ( Yes, indeed it is more hydrated)
  • Less visible Lines (Yes, most of the BB cream should have this function.)
  • Less visible pores (Yes, as mentioned earlier)
  • Reveal a healthy glow ( YES!)
Conclusion, will i buy again?
  • Garnier Oil Clear ----> Yes
  • Garnier Light Oil Control----> No
  • Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer ----> BIG YES!
Till then, hope this review will help those who intended to try Garnier products to decide which is best choice for your skin. Have a good day and cheers!

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