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Review: Browlash Eyeliner & Cyber Colors Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover

*Greetings!!* Bonjour everyone, i am back on track again and today, I would love to review eyeliner and eye make-up remover i bought from Sasa, shall we? Let's get it started!

Browlash Eyeliner (24H, water strong liner)

Info provided, *click to enlarge*

So this is how it looks like, simple design.

I draw a bit thicker so you all 
can have better vision ya!

Left with Browlash eyeliner,
 right is obviously without LOL
*very tiny-winy asian eyes i possessed* LOreallyL!

I tested it with water flowing on my hand
 and i kind of wipe it with my finger,
 surprisingly, it does not smudge.

I tested it with lotion too, a few wipes 
using finger,it did fade off but it is  within 
its line, which mean just fade off, 
no smudge, nothing.
Browlash Eyeliner( 24H, water strong liner) 

  • Water: Fully waterproof, so swim as much as you want, sweat as much as you want, and cry as much as you want, i mean tears of happiness, not the upset one. =D
  • Lotion/Oil: Not easily removed but still able to.
  • Brush: The bursh tip is easy to use and suit beginners as well
  • Smoothness: I would say it doesn't filled up nicely as in you have to draw a few times to get a complete black line.
  • Conclusion: Thumbs up for its waterproof and hardly smudge, thumbs down for its smoothness.


*Available in all Sasa outlets.
*RM59.90, cheaper when there's promotion/sales.

Cyber Colors Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Browlash eyeliner will run for its life, I swear! This is the best eye makeup remover i have come across. save energy, save time. Appreciation goes to Sasa promoter(Joanne) for recommend this to me, very very awesome indeed!

1 to 2 wipes,  almost clean! 
almost paradise *singing* haha

1-2 Wipes(middle; outcome)
3-4 wipes(right; outcome)
  • instantly removes eye makeup, waterproof mascara without causing any irritation.
  •  Gentle and moisturizing, eye contour feel comfort after usage. 

How to use
  • Shake well before use. 
  • Apply to cotton wool and wipe away the eye makeup. 
  • To remove mascara, put the cotton wool on eye lashes for a few seconds, then gently wipe across closed eyes and lashes

Cyclomethicone, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA

Country of origin

Cyber Colors Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

No complaint, everything just fulfill my criteria.

5.0/5.0 (Full)

Rating by users: Full Stars

Some reviews by users.

*Available in all Sasa outlets.
*It's cheaper when you bought 2 bottles, but each bottle cost RM32.90.
*Top ten best sellers for Cyber Colors Products.

Thanks for reading all my dear readers, this post is non-sponsored, all products are bought using Abigail's own pocket money, see a hole there? LOL just joking and have a great day, xoxo!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Natio Ageless Advanced Lifting & Firming Serum

Natio Ageless Lifting & Firming Serum claims that it is best used for 
  1.  fine lines,
  2.  deeply moisturise, &
  3.  allow your skin looks firmer

It provides your skin with intense moisture and protection from free radical damage. Skin feels smooth, regenerated and radiant.

What is so special with the serum?
It contains Organic Rosehip Oil, Jojoba and Calendula to target fine lines and firm the skin. Offers protection from free radical damage.

Ingredients in
Natio Ageless Lifting & Firming Serum


 Organic Rosehip Oil

·        Rose hip essential oil is a proven reducer of lines, wrinkles, and scars.

·         Rose hip essential oil is extracted from the seeds and seed cases of a rose bush (commonly Rosa canina or Rosa majalis) rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant.


·         Jojoba Oil is an odourless, golden-coloured liquid wax, which are produced by the seeds of the jojoba plant. It's oil that mostly does not cause much allergic reactions.

·         Used for dry and oily skin. It regulates the sebum produced on the skin, as the oil can control the greasy texture of the skin.


·         Calendula is beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting wound healing.

·          It has been used to treat a variety of skin diseases and has been seen effective in treatment of skin ulcerations, eczema, juvenile acne and dry phthiriasis.

(RM74,available in SASA outlets)


  • This serum is suitable for all skin type.
  • My skin indeed feels firmer after applying this serum.
  • Consider runny texture, I applied after my toner, can consider it as moisturizer as well.
  • It is a pump bottle which is a plus point because you can easily control the amount of serum that is needed for your skin.
  • Although it is lifting and firming serum, I wouldn't say this was like super hydrating serum.
  • After all, I would say to those of you with mature skin please consider thier Ageless moisturiser or night cream as well after apply this serum.
  • Apply it during the day and night on cleansed skin. Can be used around the eye area.
  • 4.0/5.0

Friday, 14 June 2013

Antioxidant Serum - Juice Beauty


An organic beauty solutions masterminded by a California team passionate about healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science.

Mission: To bring high efficacy, authentically organic, and pleasurable beauty solutions to people worldwide

Core Thrust:
·        Clinically Validated Age-Defying & Blemish Clearing Results showing an 85% reduction in free radical skin damage.
·        Authentically Organic Antioxidant rich juice base brings our total organic content up to 98%.
·         Powerful Action Without Parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Heart to heart review for my readers on Antioxidant Serum by Juice Beauty.
Antioxidant Serum
  1. to prevent free radical skin cell damage up to 87%.
  2. feeds your skin with vitamins and antioxidants from certified organic juices.
  3. moisturizes with fatty acid-packed plant oils.
  4. smoothes fine lines with peptides, alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10.
*use after cleansing and before your moisturizer
*designed for all skin types and ideal for daily use to keep skin healthy and glowing.

sample size from Only Beauty Thank You.
  • Texture: It has a light gel (not runny), substantial feel that makes it easy to apply. 
  • Nongreasy and hydrating, so I can use it all over my face, including the oily T-zone.
  • Skin appears more radiance after applied this serum.

  • Doesn't really reduce fine lines and wrinkles as claimed.
  • Scent: I do not like the scent of this serum. It has fermented citrusy(orange) scent which personally i don't really like it.  But luckily the scent will fade off almost immediately within seconds on your skin.

Personal Ratings: 3/5
Available  HERE

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Bag of Love June Edition

Bag Of Love (June Bag)
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