Monday, 6 January 2014

Let's fly to Kiehl's

Skin type detected: Oily, blemish prone skin. (Sensitive skin)

Annyeong! Happy New Year 2014 peeps! How's life so far? Hope you have a great year ahead! So, today I am going to do a review for Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser by Kiehl's. If anyone of you happen to drop by my blog, most probably you will know that I have acne prone skin, oily + sensitive skin, in short very troublesome skin condition that no one wish for.

I know it is very irritating to find a cleanser which able to suit this skin-type and it is also extremely high maintenance, le sigh~~ but thanks to Kiehl's, I can now depend on it  because I am using this right now and all  that I could think of to describe this cleanser would be, BY FAR BY GOOD, okay I mean SO FAR SO GOOD la harr~~

 Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser  is a purifying gel cleanser thoroughly cleans pores and removes traces of dirt, residue and oil which can lead to acne break-outs. Mild cleansing agents are used to formulate a completely oil-free but non-drying preparation. It helps keep skin clear of new acne blemishes.

Some of the main ingredients and the purpose of it:

Cinnamon Bark Extract is taken from the dried bark of cultivated trees and is considered to be of much higher quality than extract derived from leaves. It contains an essential oil that is not only recognized for its soothing effects, but is also known to have antibacterial properties.

Ginger Root Extract provides gingerols that are known to have soothing properties. It also helps to absorb excess oil.

For those individual who suffers from acne prone skin, just a reminder that gel type will be a better choice for you to go for be it a cleanser or a moisturizer, do bear in mind yah. This is my personal opinion that I have come across. Last time I used to try those clay type cleanser, undeniably they can "suckout" each drip drop of oils from your pores and face but to tell the truth, they will worsen the condition of your skin especially when your skin produce more oil due to over-dryness resulted from clay cleanser and clay cleanser is suitable for oily skin BUT NOT oily+ acne prone skin, they are totally two different skin conditions that most individual make a mistake on.

Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser comes with an open cap design.

The blue watery gel type cleanser!

 Use twice daily, wet your face, work product into a lather and massage onto your face gently avoiding the eyes and rinse well. I find another great way is to use a sponge*like the one showed on the left*! Pour your cleanser on the sponge and lather it with water, clean your face using the sponge in a circular motion, the result is beyond what you can think of! Try it out!

So far, I really in love with this cleanser, for it leaves your face feeling fresh, cooling and uber comfy! You do not experience some unbearable dyness due to over-cleansing!
**Cool Kiehl’s Fact:  Believe it or not, this cleanser can also be used for post-shave treatment to soothe skin and prevent razor discomfort.

So to anyone that have the same skin condition as me, feel free to try it out. It is selling at RM85.00, not available in drugstore but you can go to desired Kiehl's counter to seek for advise and find a cleanser that best suit your skin! Just for your conveniency, I provide you with the store locator for easy finding.
Store Locator: 

Thanks for reading and continue your journey to be beautiful! =)
**Disclaimer: Not sponsored post, Bought with hard earned money.**
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