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Spa Party cap The Butterfly Project

CAP(Malay form) not CAP(English form)

You should have know The Butterfly Project Malaysia if you stalk*who will do so?" my blog for quite some time because all this while my blog is related to The Butterfly Project and YES it's a beauty and lifestyle blogging community that Tammy Lim (Blog-Plus Size Kitten) "big mama of Butterfly Project"  started on Facebook so that all bloggers can gather, exchange information or just simply to make friends. Now You Know, lai, move on! kick lai liao~

Actually i not joining due to personal reason but i just wanna Kepo(busy body) and promote this project, yayaya i very Kepo one k? Bear with me yeheheheh

First and foremost, i would really like to thank*Merci Beaucoup*  all the 10 Collaborators who put in so much trust/faith, valuable time, and endless efforts which all the butterflies truly appreciate by making this coming event a success one. THEY ARE:

so many supporter from Instagram! One stop skin solution! 

So pretty! I bet they smell awesome!! so fruity aren't they?
Awesome outfits from UK!

Too good to be true Timeless Truth Mask
All the way from Taiwan!!!
I hope you all don't mind me for sharing this because i just love the pictures!
Pictures mostly from our butterflies!

well made beach sandals(flip-flop) from Brazil that possess
thick rubber and last forever. 

Pricey but last FOREVER
CHEAP but last for awhile
Which one you choose?
I will definitely go for the first one!

Catering by Idea Food Solution! Yummy!!

Variety =)

Irressistible dessert!

For Weddings & Events, choose Fotobox!

Party Planner that goes according to your wish!

Orange as theme? They have it!

Red as theme? They have it!

Green for theme? They too have it!



& MOREEEEEE! So elegance and nice!

Freebies to your Doorstep!
This is how i actually first connected to The Butterfly Project!!
I browsed through Only Beauty!!
Although i am not attending this awesome event, BUT i still wanna give three reasons why I hope to be there on 29/6/2013, 1-5pm @  Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI.

First Reason:
I have this really insane behaviour that I like to off all the light in my room during night time and what's left is something like the picture below

yes you are right, the "spa lighting i would call"

Then i will crazily imagine myself indulge in the spa atmosphere, put on lotion and apply some mask, crazily lying on my bed and have sometime to relax, or perhaps i will start stalking my facebook or blogging under that spa atmosphere which i ended up got scolding from mom because she worries i will go blind if situation like this continue LOL. First reason done! That's why in order not for mom to worry and ngam(nag for my own good) i should just go to spa and relax instead! hahaha

Second Reason:
Let's move on to calculation, tik tik tok tok, what's the probability that all the collaborators will agree at the same time to provide us with all this awesome offers? Okay, i not really good in calculation, but if you apply probability formulae, u will go like this 

but The Butterfly Project admins have just made it! I dunno how, but they just made it! Do you hear me?! It's nothing to just blog compared to how much efforts they put in huh? So this is really an awesome event that even i can't attend i still wanted to blog and share them LOL!

Third Reason:
I have never meet face to face with any bloggers from The Butterfly Project before, and to them, i am totally like a ghost who always blogs and speaks by herself but don't know who am i actually LOL, okay maybe some of them know the real me but most probably 95% doesn't know, i am totally anonymous to them just like the attached picture hahaha, a ghost and just shoot me! So i muka-tebally assume everyone wanna meet me so no matter what i also same like other blogger die die also must attend! lol, okay la i really just joking and hope to put on a smile on your face like this =DD !!!

I very pandai(clever) in giving reasons & excuses hor? but then it's really some true story! HAHA!

Finally, once again, thanks to all the collaborators, The Butterfly Project, Tammy & Admins!!! You make butterflies's life wonderful, colourful and awesomeful. so awesome that awesome isn't a good enough word!
For more info about this event, visit

Do drop-by The Butterfly Project Webpage or Tammy Lim if you wish to provide and show your support to this community with more sponsorship for the projects alright! you can actually get to advertise since all the bloggers are there to spread the news! *wink wink*. So People, let's cheers and Bonne journée!

Reviews: HiShop Surprise Pack (May)



HiShop never fail to surprise me with all the handpicked products for my beauty ambassador programme with them! Don't forget to drop by their website(HiShop) if you're just like me(cosmetic-holic) who are deeply in love with all the beauty products, cosmetics, slimming products, fragrances and make-up tools/ accessories but at the same time a cheapskate who just want everything to be cheap cheap cheap like a bird chirping, then HiShop is 24/7 there for you to make you chirp non-stop. LOL

Below are some of the products i got from their surprise pack

 Body Washes from Scent Affair (Made in Malaysia)

1.) Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash - Pomegranate , (RM14.80-725ml)
(RM14.80-725ml) AVAILABLE HERE
Product Highlights:
• Anti-bacterial protection
• Gentle on skin
• Nourishes & Rejuvenates skin
• Moisturizing with natural aloe vera
• Contains natural extracts of pomegranate
• Leaves skin smelling great

 me love bubbles *sing while bath* LOL

• I love the fruity pomegranate scent from this body wash, it smells so awesome and make you feel so lady-like!
• My skin feels so hydrated and smooth right after finish bathing like seriously, perhaps due to its natural aloe vera moisturiser contents.
• Products does not contain alcohol.
• Natural extract of pomegranate works wonderful by nourishing and rejunevating the skin.
•I just hope that the scent can last a bit longer that's all.

   2.) Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash - Almond Oil (RM7.80-275ml), (RM14.80-725ml)
(RM14.80-725ml) AVAILABLE HERE
Product Highlights:
• Anti-bacterial protection
• Gentle & caring on skin
• Moisturizing with natural aloe vera
• Contains natural extracts of almond oil
• Leaves skin smelling great

• It works fairly the same with Scent Affair - Pomegranate, and to be honest, i can barely differentiate their function, okay maybe can, but not in such a short period of time.
•The only difference is that I do not really fancy the scent from this almond oil body wash because personally i do not really like  almond as well, for almond lovers, i bet you gonna love this because it smells exactly like its name. =)

3.) ITOH Fasting Diet Basic (15 Sachets X 25g @ RM148.00) 

A simple low calories shake designed to support your daily diet in achieving healthy and beautiful body.
Content Weight: 375g (25gx15packs, 3 packs of each flavour)
5 delicious flavours: strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate, and café latte.
Suggested use:
Replace 1 to 2 meals per day with one pack (25g) of Fasting Basic mix with 200ml of water/ milk per time.
* Recommend to replace maximum 2 meals per day and eat a well-balanced diet.
* Do not use hot water when using a shaker as it may cause bottle to burst.
  • Mix with plain water
  • Basic + water = 1 meal
  • 85kcal + 0kcal = 85kcal

  • Mix with low fat milk
  • Basic + Milk = 1 meal
  • 85kcal + 95kcal appx. = 180kcal
  • Recommend to mix with low fat milk for person who wishes to reduce more calories.
  1. This product includes approximately 8mg of soybean isoflavone (as soybean isoflavone aglycone) per pack. Do not consume more than allowed. * Upper limit of Soybean isoflavone aglycone is 75mg per day.
  2. For those with food allergies, please refer to the listed ingredients.
  3. Consult your medical doctor if you are pregnant / breastfeeding/ taking medication/ receiving medical treatment before consuming this product.
  4. Maintain healthy dietary pattern and lifestyle for optimal health. Consult your dietitian for advice if needed.
  5. The taste, color and fragrance may differ slightly, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
  6. The product may be hardened due to damp environment, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
  7. Please take this product immediately after opening.
  8. Keep out of reach of children.
I got them in Strawberry and Caffe Latte Flavours

<----FRONT & BACK---->

  • I love this drinks because the sweetness is just nice if you mix it with 200ml of water per sachet.
  • The strawberry taste is definitely there, i do not like those diet drinks that doesn't taste like how it claims to be but instead taste more like an artificial flavoring added drinks.
  •  This diet drinks indeed make you feel replete, because it's kind off concentrated and thick.
  •  A great source of natural, water soluble fiber that helps to moderate cholesterol and triglyceride levels not to forget, it helps to regulate blood sugar level in our body. =)
Below is another sachet in Caffe Latte Flavour

<----FRONT & BACK---->

  • It has very light Caffe Latte taste, but personally i am not a fans for Latte, like when i go for any restaurant, coffee or latte will definitely not in my list, i prefer mai-loh-peng( Milo-Ice) like this, kao kao one ji bueh!(concentrated milo-ice), and then i will cry when i got Acne due to sweetness overdose! LOL

Image from google

4.) Yogurugen Colon Detox (50g X 3 Sachets @ RM68.00)

Product description:
Take once a week

How to use:
Take a sachet of 50g Yogurugen Colon D’tox and mix with 180ml water at 40 Celsius and below. It is recommended to take it on empty stomach and as a replacement for breakfast for optimal absorption and effect. Defecation starts usually after consuming for 2- 4 hours.

Intestinal Cleansing, Detox, Slimming, Skin Improvement, Promote Intestinal Health & Strengthen Immune System

Suitable for people who:
Constipation, Weight Matter, Skin Issue (Pimples,etc), Stuffed Tummy, Stressed & Bowel Irregularity

Pre Caution :
Do not take it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
Do not put it under the sun or damp place.

Ingredient list:
Galactofrutose, Yogurt Powder, Orange juice powder, Inulin, vitamin C, Beta Carotene & Probiotics

How it works:
The ingredients in the product, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium will multiply as well as produce gases through the breakdown of lactose and oligosaccharide. This process will stimulate defecation after two to four hours of consumption and thus attain the purpose of intestine cleaning. One will also experience comfort after the cleansing and the detox process due to the increase in probiotics released.

  • Wanna have "fit fit bom pit pit" body figures? then you should try Yogurugen.
  • It helps to clean our intestine and remove toxic substances from our body/intestines.
  • The recommended consumption method for Yogurugen is just once a week, best in the morning with an empty stomach and it is advisable to consume Yogurugen during the weekends when you have fewer activities as one might feel the effect of the product quite soon after consumption, so you might visit the toilet a couple of time during the intestine cleaning process.
  • It is kind of pricey, but definitely worth it because afterall you do not consume it that often, just once a week will be sufficient, each sachet cost about RM22++.

Exclusive May Discount Code for all my readers who spend minimum of RM99 @ HiSHop.
You get RM20 rebate off your total purchase by entering the code below upon checkout:
Validity: until 31 July 2013

This Voucher worth RM20 is redeemable @ HiShop against purchases worth RM100 & Above.
Can be used in multiple transactions, so feel free to share readers, sharing is caring!
Discount Code: "HS0613"
Validity: until 30 June 2013.

HiShop (pronounced as hai-shop) is an online beauty and cosmetics community store. We believe that beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere.

Company Overview

As part of HiShop’s beauty community, you will receive exclusive privileges to loyalty rewards, customer reviews, product rankings, professional recommendations from our beauty advisors, tips, experiences, pictures & videos shared by our beauty community, exclusive invites to our exclusive beauty events and value buys (of course we didn’t forget this!).

Get 8% off your purchase with White.My upon checkout
Can be used in multiple transactions as well
Discount Code: "WHITE0613"
Validity: until 30 June 2013.

White.My is Malaysia's first online lifestyle store for the modern home.


At White, we’re believers in the Internet revolution. We want you to become a believer, too. That's why we bring you ridiculously awesome products at ridiculously low prices. You'll never have to leave the comfort of your chair - so get comfortable.

Company Overview

Founded in 2012, White.MY is an online lifestyle store dedicated to bringing Malaysians a convenient way of shopping for the modern home below market prices.

 Get 8% off your purchase with MilkADeal upon checkout
Can be used in multiple transactions as well
Discount Code: "MAD0613"
Validity: until 30 June 2013.

Everybody loves a good deal. What more if they are great deals.
At MilkADeal,
we only bring you deals worth 'milking' and one that we know people would go MAD about.


MilkADeal has been founded based on the following guiding principles:
  • We aim to build win-win relationships that are based on trust, respect and honesty with local businesses, our staff and the communities in which we live and work in.
  • We like to KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly! Our business model is a simple one and we want to keep it that way. Therefore, you will not find ultrafine fine prints on our deals. What you see is what you get.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we believe our MAD deals can only get sweeter when enjoyed with a warm serving of family and friends.

Company Overview

Launched in January 2011, our MAD team strives to reach that ultimate win for all. At MilkADeal, there's no such thing as too good to be true, because it just is! True, that is.





It's indeed a really long post, thanks for being so patient with me readers, y'all are the best!
For upcoming Surprise Pack, I do hope for more cosmetics products instead! Thanks to HiShop Malaysia & Mabel Yan for such a wonderful programme!

bubble wrapped them nicely,
*Thumbs Up* for all the admin behind Hishop! =)

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