Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Review: Carol Priest- Damask Rose Toner

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Sincerely thank you to those who followed my review on Carol Priest Products! I have already posted two reviews so far for their products, which are:
  1. Carol Priest Rose and Almond Oil Cleansing Cream (LINK)
  2. Carol Priest Orangeflower Cleansing Milk (LINK)

Today I will move on to their third product which is the Carol Priest Toner.



Third Product: Damask Rose Toner

For sensitive, dry & mature skin types

An exceptionally mild and hydrating toner to help restore moisture and improve skin texture. The damask rose species Rosa damascena has been carefully selected for its deep sweet tenacious rosy perfume and tonifying properties.


User guide
  • Apply morning and night. Use it alone or after cleansing.
  • Use it to freshen up at any time of day or whenever skin feels dry. Spray onto the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
  • Saturate a cotton pad with about 5ml of toner. Gently apply to a cleansed, damp face and neck. Can also be applied with a spritz atomiser. No need to towel dry.
For your information, the actual toner is filled inside a mist spray bottle, the one i received is actually 5 sample sachets for me to try. So I do believe it will be extra user friendly with this mist spray bottle.


Not suitable for pregnant woman.

Carol Priest is having promotion of 20% off for the month of November which is now only cost 
RM111.20 for 100ml (RM139.00 originally)
Buy it now at:  HERE


Personal Verdict:

Very lovely rose scented; which leave your face and your hand smells real good after application. *How I hope you can smell it too*

Just like any other toner, very clear and watery toner. ( Picture provided below)



Left: Before and after application (Yesterday night)
Right: After application (This morning) 

I actually love this toner for a few reasons.
  • no menthol extract as my skin is sensitive to it.
  • non-tacky.
  • it smells great.
  • tighthen up my pores really well~ like seriously no joke.
  • personally, a mist spray bottle is what I would prefer when it comes to toner.
So far I do not see any cons that make me dislike this product, so yay, you got a full ratings here!


Note: Carol Priest is having a 20% DISCOUNT for the month of November for all their products with HiShop. LINK

Exclusive RM20 rebate for all my lovely readers.
Code this during checkout to entitled this offer:
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 15 December 2013

Stay tune for my next review with Carol Priest (Facial Lotion), thanks for reading and have a nice day!



  1. The whole Carol Priest range looks so exciting.... I'd like to try them all and what's even better is that it's all natural. Great review Abigail ... and looks like the products are working really well for you too :)

  2. Hi Sharon, they are really interesting products!! Thank you for your compliments and spending your time reading this post! appreciate it!


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