Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: Bloop Toe Strips

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hehe, yea YOLO cause we only live once so I need to try the thing I want to try!! SO! I believe most of you have heard of nail strips, but what about toe strips? some yes some maybe no? Now I just wanna show you how toe strips can make our life easier and you can D.I.Y. without having to visit nail salon and thus it is really less time consuming, reduce cost and you can easy-peasyly get your "toe art" done nicely! Nail Art Expert Wannabe? Yes you can, with BLOOP!

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It is my pleasure to be choosen as one of the lucky pink peep to review this product sent by HiShop collaborated with Bloop. Thanks a million! The left is nail strips and the bigger strips on the right are made for toe.

  •  Whether it is a nail strip or a toe strip, the best thing for all these strip is that it is fast and easy to use and it can also be used as a sheer protection to nail from breaking. 
  • No chemical & alcohol content will definitely do no harm to your nail because when you apply nail polish for some time and during the removal of nail polish, you tend to realise your nail turn yellowish which resulted in unhealthy looking nail. 
  • The strips is super thin and realistic on nail just like those nail art design you made in salon and best thing is it got no drying time!


How to nail it with bloop?
  • Make sure nails are clean before using nail it! Use nail polish remover for effective cleaning.

  • Choose the best strip size for each nail. 
  • Nail strips are all come in standard size and you may find that some are really too big for our toe nails, so just use a pair of scissors and cut out the excess edges in order to fit your nails nicely. 

  • Remove transparent protective layer.

  • Allign and place the nail strip on the nail, note that the rounded ends should be facing the cuticle.

  • Rub strip over the nail starting from the center working it out towards the sides.

  • Press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail.
  • The excess one I will just keep it to discover more nail art in the future.
  • Suggested: Using a nail file, file off the excess strip in a downward motion.
  • To file off the strip. Position the file at vertical direction and downward motion to file off the strip gently. Do not do up and down motion as it may spoil the strip due to our nail strip designed was a bit thinner to ensure your nails are breathable.
  • Personally: I just cut the excess off using a scissor according to the shape of my nail and it worked out as fine too!
  • Rub striped nails again to remove any excess bubbles.

  • For a longer lasting wear, apply a layer of bloop top coat nail polish. 
  • Final outcome for both my legs! Hooray!


 Personal Verdict:

  • This is my first time trying out toe strips and it is really a good try and have fun trying it!
  • I will give this concept a 4.7 out of 5.0 because there is only a limited design to choose from and you cannot play with your creativity like what nail polish and nail tools can do by painting the design you like.
  • But on the bright side, I do think that it can really save a lot of time, effort and definitely reduce cost by using a toe strips, and the best part, it wouldn't do harm to your nail because after all it is just a nail sticker and it doesn't contain any alcohol and chemical properties.
  •  It does have a few design you can choose from Bloop nail strips and the best deal you can get from is RM38 for 3 packs thorugh HiShop ---> CLICK HERE ,some designs are really interesting too! 
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Have a nice day lovelies, and I shall off for now to try out the nail strips and get back to you all again real soon!!


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