Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bloop Bloop Bloop Merry Christmas

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Anyeonghaseyo!!! Are you ready to view the outcome of the nail strip from     Bloop    ?? Aww, please don't tell me you have forgotten to read both my previous post regarding
    Bloop     . *verysad* Anyway, just so you know what I have reviewed earlier, here you go with the link *happyback*

 Bloop Nail Polish & Bloop Toe strips


 As I have already mentioned in my previous post with the guidelines on how you can use a toe strips, I will provide you herewith a shorter guidelines and we will move on to see the end result of the finger nail strips alright? 

1. Make sure the nails are clean before using nail it! Use bloop nail polish remover for effective cleaning.
2. Choose the best strip size for each nail.
3. Remove the transparent protective layer.
4. Align & place the nail strip onto the nail. (Note: the rounded end should be facing the cuticle)
5. Rub strip over nail starting from the center working out to the sides.
6. Press the excess nail strip over the edges of the nail.
7. Using a nail file, file off the exces nail strip in a downward motion
8. Smooth nails to remove any excess air bubbles
9. For longer wear, seal with a layer of bloop top coat nail polish.

Personal Verdict:

Below is the design of my nail strip and a mini file to file off the excess edges for the nail strip.

By the way, I have come to realise that this nail strip is way too long and so instead of using one for each finger, I can just fully utilised it with two fingers, awesome isn't it?! Let's see how I do this *terms and condition apply* LOL

 So the term and condition is that you must have shorter finger nails in order to do this ya. *smile* As you can see from the above, I will stick back the excess nail strip first before I proceed to the second finger nail.

Previous post I actually just cut off the excess edges before I actually master on how to use this mini file but now I am proudly to say I have master the skill and yes, nail file can do a wonderful job. All you have to do is file the excess edges of the nail strip in a downward motion, and yes I repeat myself, only downward motion in order not to spoil the nail strip.
 What I wanna show here is that, do you realise I have only use one of the nail strip and have two pretty nails right away? *yayyy*

 I have done it to my four finger nails with just two of it! *awesomeorwhat*

 2.5 nail strips for 5 fingers, here I submit you my proof.

 You just gotta gotta gotta Nail it with     Bloop    

Fualalala I have pretty nails for Merry Christmas!! How about you??

 You are my sunshine after the rain~
I have a great time throughout the process and up to the outcome! I seriously think that it is a great invention for the ladies especially when you are busy but you do not want your nails to look as plain as water! It is also abosolutely great for party and fun events! 

However, I do hope to see more classy designs that potray a more elegant appearance for the working ladies, because for me, this design I am using here isn't appropriate for them. But afterall it is just my humble opinion which I hope Bloop can improve from! Thanks for reading and will write more next time! =D

If you like the prints for this nail strip you can get it easily HERE or more designs at HERE with just RM38 for 3 packs!

*Extra Tips*
1. Remove the top coat with a nail polish remover.
2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then, gently peel off nail strips.
3. Remove any excess glue with bloop nail polish remover.


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  1. Heee, actually I also same with u. One piece of nail strip can use more than one nail :D btw, your nice strip really nice ehhh. I like it <3

    1. hahaha, yea right, too long already the strip but good thing cause can use more than just a time! haha, thanks for reading darling! <

  2. I got the same nail wraps with you and make one piece of nail strip for 2 nails really need skill but I cannot do it.

    1. hey babe, you can use a finger nail to cut the excess edges off, I believe you can do it by doing so and maybe you should try! Thanks for reading and wish you have a nice day! <3

  3. wah me love love love your design!!! hahaha mine is stripey :p and it's so awesome that you can use the strips another time! I should have shorter nails first hehehehe then i can reuse them too :p

    1. Awwww, thanks darling, I love this design too! hahaha, so funny la you, shorten your nail to reuse them! yes good idea!! hahahha, thanks for reading babe, you are always that supportive! <3

  4. Oooh, that's really nice! And this way, you can use the remaining strips for several more times. XD

    1. thanks darling!!! Yea can use a few times more especially for the biggest strips!! *smirk* Thanks for reading ya!! xoxo

  5. your nail strip is so nice! where's the next nail strip?

    1. hey darling, thanks!! =) The other one is toe strip review, you can read it with this link http://abigaila1981.blogspot.com/2013/12/review-bloop-toe-strips.html


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